Tooth Extractions in Jacksonville

Gentle and minimally invasive extractions

Tooth Extractions in JacksonvilleAs a highly skilled periodontist, Dr. Perlman will do everything within his power to save your natural teeth. However, in some cases it is necessary to extract a tooth that is damaged beyond repair or to remove a tooth in preparation for a dental implant.

Non-traumatic tooth removal

Every step of Dr. Perlman’s procedure ensures that the extraction is non-traumatic. The site of the extraction will be very numb and there will be little to no discomfort during the procedure.

Dr. Perlman uses a specialized device called a periotome to dislodge the tooth from the socket.  The tooth is then pulled easily, with little or no destruction to the surrounding gum and bone. This promotes faster healing, while swelling is reduced, and future bone loss is prevented. Any preparation for a future dental implant is considerably shortened.

Gentle injections for a stress-free procedure

Tooth Extractions in Jacksonville

The wand is a computerized anesthetic injection system.

A topical anesthetic is first applied to numb the injection site. The injection is then delivered slowly with The Wand® Anesthesia System which delivers a computer-regulated flow of anesthesia precisely to the extraction site. Dr. Perlman always warms the anesthetic to body temperature to avoid any unpleasant sensation from the cold.

Blankets, pillows and sedation available

We provide blankets and pillows for your added comfort during your procedure. If you need further help to relax, we provide oral sedation and nitrous oxide. If you request sedation, Dr. Perlman will determine the option that best suits your needs.

Socket preservation for a dental implant

After Dr. Perlman pulls a tooth, he will rebuild structure in the socket left by an extraction. He will place bone grafting material in the socket to regenerate new bone. The new bone will fill the space left by the missing tooth. This procedure is called a socket graft.  Without socket preservation, the bone reabsorbs into the body, leading to bone loss.

The bone grafting material will support the surrounding tissue and, in time, it will be replaced by new bone. The bone that grows will provide excellent support for dental implants. Dr. Perlman recommends dental implants to permanently maintain the integrity of the bone where the tooth was extracted, as well as for cosmetic reasons.

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