Periodontal Maintenance in Jacksonville

Periodontal Maintenance in Jacksonville

Keep your gums healthy with regular periodontal maintenance.

Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy With Expert Oral Care

Gum disease can be a stubbornly persistent condition. It requires constant monitoring to ensure that the disease remains inactive. Once the active stage of your gum treatment is completed, our experienced hygienists will ensure your oral health is maintained with thorough professional cleanings.

Our hygienists do more than perform a cleaning; they do a “deplaquing” maintenance program where the bacterial plaque that accumulates on the teeth is removed to prevent any further progression of the gum disease.

Drs. Perlman and Molina will tailor the frequency of your “deplaquing” appointments according to your individual needs. They will provide the hygienists with any special instructions needed to ensure your maintenance care covers all dental concerns. Our hygienists will, in turn, educate you on a proper home oral care regimen.

Gentle, Thorough Cleanings

Periodontal Maintenance

Our friendly hygienists use advanced technology to help you maintain your gums health.

Our excellent hygienists have a combined 35 years of experience between them. Their knowledge and experience in treating periodontal issues is extensive. They use ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments to thoroughly remove plaque and calculus from your teeth and smooth the surfaces of the teeth.

Next they use a dental jet-spray device called a prophy jet for final cleaning and polishing. The prophy jet shoots a high-pressure sodium bicarbonate stream to remove debris and stubborn stains caused by coffee, smoking and wine. The prophy jet is particularly effective in reaching even the most difficult-to-reach places.

Home Oral Care Education

Your home oral hygiene is vital for the success of any treatment, and you’ll get extensive education from our hygienists on how to best keep your gums free of disease. Daily plaque control is important, so they will educate you on which toothbrush and floss are most effective—and least damaging—and which other hygiene tools to use and how to use them. They will advise you on diet and lifestyle choices, like tobacco and alcohol use, that increase your susceptibility to periodontal disease.

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