New Research Shows Regeneration of Bone around Teeth Treated with LANAP

In November, I attended the 97th American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) Annual Meeting in Miami Beach, Florida.

In a “standing-room-only” setting, I heard about the exciting new findings from Marc Nevins’, DMD, MMSc research using the LANAP protocol for treating periodontitis.

As you know, this revolutionary procedure has been found to be very beneficial in treating periodontal disease. Now, new research shows how periodontists used LANAP to treat teeth that were designated as “hopeless” due to gingival recession, furcations, calculus accumulation and loose teeth resulting from periodontal disease. During this presentation I saw firsthand how teeth that would otherwise need to be removed were restored to clinical, radiological and histological health through LANAP treatment.

In one case, the periodontist planned to use LANAP in the lower right quadrant and at the same visit remove a tooth. At the last minute, a decision was made not to remove the tooth, but to include it in the LANAP procedure, thinking it could be removed at any time. As it turned out, the patient got fairly nice bone growth, the tooth was saved and two years later, the tooth is not even loose!

Revolutionary LANAP treatment can replace other more invasive periodontal treatments and procedures. Using the LANAP protocol, patients experience virtually no pain, swelling or bleeding. And best of all, LANAP makes possible treatment that is just as effective, less time consuming and less expensive than conventional surgical treatment of periodontal disease.

After receiving advanced training in LANAP and performing the procedure on more than 175 patients, I was excited to see this new research and the amazing results experienced by these patients. This study provides even greater proof of the benefits available to your patients. Below is a video you can show your patients on the benefits they will receive by undergoing LANAP.

Together we can make a difference. If any of your patients are experiencing signs of periodontal disease, have them contact our office for a consultation for our LANAP services that involves less pain, less bleeding, less swelling, less tissue removal, less down time, and less recovery.