LANAP – Treatment of Choice for Gum Disease

As you know, Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is a revolutionary treatment in periodontal disease (also referred to as gum disease) According to the U.S Surgeon General, periodontal disease affects more than 80% of adults. Alarmingly, only 3% of the people receive treatment for it.

And most dental professionals also know something that the average American doesn’t:

Mounting university research points gum disease as a possible precursor to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, some cancers and even stillbirths.

One of the main reasons patients have not received treatment for periodontal disease is that traditional treatment of the disease often times seems worse than the disease itself and has varying degrees of success. With LANAP treatment, this is no longer the case – treatment is easier for the patient, nearly pain-free and highly effective.

The problem is that most patients still don’t know LANAP exists, despite the fact that it has proven to be far more effective than traditional surgical treatment of gum disease for many reasons.

It takes dentists spread awareness, they are often the patients only resource to find out about the existence of LANAP, the real dangers of gum disease, and why they should consider getting LANAP treatment.

Here are some of the top reasons about why you or your patients should consider LANAP:

Patient comfort and minimal recovery time: LANAP does not require scraping, cutting and suturing. The technology and technique used for LANAP targets only the bacteria that causes gum disease. Because there is no cutting and suturing, there is much less pain and recovery time is greatly reduced.

Improved Results: LANAP results are far better and far more predictable than traditional surgery methods to treat gum disease. Only the bacteria that is causing the gum disease is targeted and virtually all (even unseen) bacteria is eliminated. In traditional cutting and suturing, gum tissue (healthy as well as diseased tissue) is removed.

The other problem with traditional treatment is that the doctor can only remove the diseased tissue that he/she can see. As a result, often times the doctor will miss some of the diseased tissue, and therefore leave it behind.

Effectiveness: LANAP is far more effective than traditional surgery. Because LANAP technology kills only the bacteria, it creates and environment that allows the healing powers of the human body to restore healthy bone and tissue.

Additionally, previously untreatable cases of periodontal disease due to excessive tissue damage meant that the gums could no longer support the teeth. Now with LANAP, teeth and their structure can be treated without having to worry about the treatment causing tooth loss. LANAP involves only the elimination of bacteria, not the removal of gum tissue. By eliminating only bacteria, healthy gum tissue remains intact and even diseased tissue can be restored to its normal, healthy state.