LANAP in the Media

If you’ve been following my newsletter this past year, then you know that Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) laser gum therapy is the revolutionary alternative to painful periodontal surgery. You also know that, through laser technology, the LANAP procedure involves targeting only diseased gum tissue and bacteria, restoring the gum tissue to health and enabling the body to regenerate bone. And you’ve read that the LANAP procedure even aids in the prevention of tooth loss.

Unfortunately, patients are not always familiar with the remarkable LANAP procedure. This means they are not aware that their gum disease can now be treated without scalpels, cutting and stitches. Patients don’t know that they don’t have to experience pain or bleeding. Or that recovery time is minimal, with most patients returning to their daily activities the same or the next day.

Because of its impressive results, LANAP is seeing coverage in the media. Below you will see examples of LANAP in the media to see for yourself how this therapy has been receiving coverage throughout the country.

In this TV interview, Dr. Stanley Dintcho of San Francisco, California discusses and demonstrates LANAP for the treatment of periodontitis on NBC Bay Area News. See how this technology easily and comfortably treats patients with periodontal disease.

Laser May Help Patients Keep Teeth | NBC Bay Area

Laser Treatment Helps Periodontal Patient

In this interview, Dr. Gregg appears on ABC News Healthy Life segment. Dr. Gregg is a founder of Millennium technologies and is one of the developers of LANAP. Take a look at the video below to see Dr. Gregg explain how LANAP technology is an alternative to painful suturing and keeps healthy structures in place.

Dr. Robert Gregg LANAP Video

Dr. Robert Gregg Explains LANAP

Next up, in the Phoenix, Arizona area, Ameridontics dentist, Bruce Nelson DDS discusses the LANAP dental procedure on the Pat McMahon Show. Dr. Nelson explains the importance of good periodontal health on a patient’s overall health and you can see the LANAP procedure being performed on one of his patients.

LANAP on The Pat McMahon Show

As you can see, these consistent results are drawing more and more attention to the LANAP protocol. My own experience of treating over 175 patients shows me that with nearly every case, you can expect predictably good results. From my patient files, here is another case for you to look at:

If any of your patients is showing signs of gum disease, experiencing bone loss or even has loose teeth, let them know that LANAP may be a possible alternative treatment they can use.

Be sure to let them know this is a highly effective way to treat their gum disease and its symptoms with less pain and minimal recovery time they can contact our office here [] or call (904) 731-1324 to set up a consultation.

With your help, we can reduce the number of patients avoiding treatment because of their fears and spread the word that there is an easier, better way to take care of this problem.