Help Your Patients Turn Their List of Reasons Why They Shouldn’t Into Why They Should

If any of your patients have been putting off any periodontal treatment, October is a good time of year to discuss with them plans to schedule treatment. Patients may have unused flexible spending funds for 2012 they need to use before the end of the year as well as open enrollment planning for 2013 expenditures. This is a good time to mention they may want to find out exactly what they need done to properly plan for any procedures needed.

One of the biggest hesitations patients have for not getting treatment is fear.

People believe the procedure will be painful or that they will have to take time off from work to heal among other fears.

Two ways to help move your patients past their fear are:

1) Give them a trusted recommendation: Sure, you are a credible, trusted resource for them, and your recommendation carries a lot of weight. But… when it comes to having an unbiased opinion about pain, you may not be their number one resource.

Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey reveals that 70% of consumers trust consumers’ online opinions from other consumers. This is why I’ve asked past patients to record videos – telling about their experience with the LANAP procedure.

2) Show track record of positive results: Proof that the procedure is highly effective is also important and useful to help your patients move past their fears and get them to take action. Using case studies help convince patients proceed towards LANAP.

As their primary dental care provider, they will trust your judgment. To help ease their fear, show them some of the short testimonial videos about Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. Then encourage them to contact our office here or call (904) 731-1324 for a consultation. If treatment is recommended, we can work with them to use flexible spending money for treatment and/or plan for 2013.