Disease and Death Linked to Oral Bacteria Found in Other Body Tissues

Research continues to show connections between periodontitis and other diseases of the body. Recent findings by Yiping Han, Ph.D., professor of periodontics at Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine in Cleveland, shows evidence of Fusobacterium nucleatum, a common oral bacteria, in various tissues of the body.

Able to invade the body and induce an inflammatory reaction, Dr. Han’s findings include evidence of oral bacteria in brain abscesses and in infections in the lungs, liver, spleen and joints. In addition, Dr. Han has found links between this bacteria and tissue necrosis and fetal death.

F. nucleatum and other bacteria invade the body through breaks in the mucous membranes in the mouth, due to injuries or periodontal disease. As research helps us to better understand the links between periodontal disease and other diseases, we realize the importance of the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease.

Learn more about Dr. Han’s research and her discovery by which F. nucleatum and other bacteria permeate the tissues of the mouth and spread to the rest of the body by clicking here.