Crown Lengthening

Reshaping bone and gum tissue with functional crown lengthening

Crown LengtheningFunctional crown lengthening is a surgical procedure done, when needed, to remove excess bone and gum tissue to facilitate the placement of a dental crown.

Dr. Perlman performs a crown lengthening procedure to save and restore a tooth that might otherwise be lost. He expertly reshapes the bone and gum tissue to create a secure anchor for a restorative crown to be placed.

Effective Crown Lengthening procedure

Before starting the crown lengthening procedure, Dr. Perlman will do a comprehensive exam to determine the level of bone and gum surrounding the affected tooth. Dr. Perlman will often use a surgical guide to assist him in aligning the gum line. He will then gently re-sculpt the gum and, if needed, the underlying bone around the tooth. Only the tissue that is in the immediate area surrounding the tooth will be treated, and there is no risk to the neighboring teeth.

Crown Lengthening to restore damaged teeth

Crown lengthening plays a critical role in the restoration of damaged teeth. Inadequate crown exposure can cause a dental crown to cut into the gumline and cause pain, irritation or bleeding. By exposing more of the tooth, the crown lengthening procedure provides a stable base for the final restorative crown.

Tooth exposure for orthodontics

There are occasions when teeth fail to break through the gum or properly descend into their proper position in the dental arch. This is known as an impacted tooth. The canine (upper eye tooth) is the second most common tooth to be impacted. Since these teeth play an important part in proper bite alignment, Dr. Perlman will work closely with an orthodontist to get the tooth to erupt into its proper place in the arch.

Dr. Perlman will gently remove the covering gum tissue and expose the crown in order for the orthodontist to place a bracket on the tooth for the orthodontic procedure.

Dr. Perlman makes sure that his younger patients are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. With the combined surgical skill of Dr. Perlman and good orthodontic treatment, an impacted tooth can be brought to the ideal position.

Cosmetic application

Crown lengthening is also frequently used to support cosmetic dental procedures. It is especially useful in cases where the gum extends too far down the length of the teeth causing them to appear unnaturally short. This can also increase their vulnerability to periodontal disease. Removal of this “extra” gum tissue can restore a natural look and thus improve a smile.

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