Amazing Alternative to Gum Surgery

If any of your patients have been putting off any periodontal treatment, October is a good time of year to discuss with them plans to schedule treatment. Patients may have unused flexible spending funds for 2013 they need to use before the end of the year as well as open enrollment planning for 2014 expenditures. This is a good time to mention they may want to find out exactly what they need done to properly plan for any procedures needed.

Periodontitis is a complex disease that involves bacterial, inflammatory, and immunological components. Developed treatment options control bacteria and inflammation in the mouth and restore damage caused by the disease including stabilizing the existing attachment level, gingival index, bleeding on probing, and bone regeneration.

Laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) is less invasive than conventional surgical treatment methods to treat periodontal disease. There is less bleeding, less pain, less recovery and fewer complications than with conventional surgery. Using LANAP, we have had great success in controlling the disease and reversing gingival tissue damage and restoring bone levels.

Click on the video above to hear Dr. Perlman explain the advantages to the patient of LANAP treatment for patients with periodontal disease.

In my office, I have used LANAP to treat over 300 patients. Most of my patients have experienced tremendous results from the procedure, namely, a healthy mouth with evidence of bone regeneration and resolution of periodontal disease. Patients experience no pain, no bleeding, and little to no recovery with results like I’ve never seen in my 27 years as a periodontist. The outcomes from this cutting edge treatment are truly extraordinary.

See for yourself results that can be found from LANAP. New X-rays taken before and after LANAP treatment on one of my patients shows improvement in two different areas with severe periodontitis. Note that these results were achieved only 3 months after treatment.

Tooth Before LANAP

Tooth #10 before LANAP procedure on 5/23/2013.

Tooth After LANAP

Tooth #10 following LANAP procedure shows bone regeneration just three months later on 8/19/2013.

Tooth Before LANAP

Tooth #30 before LANAP treatment on 4/23/2013.

Tooth After LANAP

Tooth #30 of the same patient following LANAP also shows bone regeneration on 8/19/2013.

If any of your patients show signs of periodontal disease, let them know that new treatment options such as LANAP are available to them. Have them contact our office here or call 904-731-1324 to set up a consultation for our LANAP services for a dramatically less traumatic, yet highly effective alternative to traditional surgery options. If treatment is recommended, we can work with them to use flexible spending money for treatment and/or plan for 2014.